Monday, June 16, 2008

Week 3 Begins

Brad & I got up this morning at 7 to head over to the clinic to start this week's therapy session. Brad kept threatening to 'skip' the session today...he was even trying to bribe me to keep driving past the clinic today. Despite his many efforts to avoid the fever therapy, in the end he decided to come.

The fever session was brightened today by having my brother Matt here. Matt read Tri-Bond (boardgame) clues to Brad while everyone in the room would guess at the answer. (An example: Heaven, Microsoft, and Airport = they all have Gates) I am absolutely horrible at the game, Brad is amazing at it. I will still be thinking about what the clues even were, while Brad shouts out the answer. I'm not kidding...if there were a Tri-Bond game show...I would make sure Brad entered it. He would win....there's no contest.

Brad also received a great package from Chris, Bryan, and Erik today. A package full of Fantasy Football magazines! I know that Brad will be pouring over those as he plans out his fall fantasy football line up for this year. Thanks for the thoughtful gifts guys...he loved it.

Today's fever therapy was a little easier today...thank goodness! Brad's fever came on a little faster, but didn't raise quite as high or stay quite as long. We will see what this evening brings. Hopefully the evening fever will be lessened also...that would certainly help Brad's mental state for going into the rest of the week's sessions.

Brad & Matt just walked out the door...we are finished for today...hooray!

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