Monday, June 16, 2008

Trip to Weissenburg

Saturday we took a day trip to a little village about 10 miles from Markt Berolzheim, called Weißenburg. Uncle Matt joined us just a couple of days ago and this was our first outing with everyone. It takes a lot to organize a group of our size. We usually spend a couple of hours just deciding where to go and what to do.

Weißenburg is a lovely village with a nice town center that is blocked off from traffic & it had very smooth sidewalks...that makes it especially nice for pushing the stroller and the wheelchair. It's a successful trip if we manage to go the entire time without hitting a large pothole and throwing Brad out into the middle of the street.

We had lunch in a great German restuarant. Zeke was able to order his favorite...snitzel. Uncle Matt tried some of the wheat beer that was listed on the menu. We kidded with him this afternoon because he kept saying that Zeke enjoyed chasing the 'penguins' around the park. I don't know what was in that drink, but it was distorting his vision....those were definately 'pigions, not penguins Uncle Matt.'

Yesterday Brad had more fever therapy, along with hypothermia, and the immunotherapy. Following the treatment at Dr. Thaller's, he was sent into Weißenburg for a CT scan. This scan will be used as a baseline to determine the success of the therapy after several months.

This upcoming week will include four rounds of fever therapy (in a row) for Brad. The fever therapy is especially taxing for him and I pray that God gives him the strength to make it through Monday-Thursday's treatments. Because he generally runs fever through the night, that will mean he will have high fever for the majority of those days, with little reprieve.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, calls, emails and cards. They mean so much to us. We can certainly feel the presence of the Lord here in Germany with us. We love you all.


michelle may said...

Hi Jen,
Where are the pictures of the whole family? I'm sure you're all quite a sight - a herd of Americans:) We love you lots! Can't wait to see what miracles God has in store for Brad.
In joy,
Michelle May

tamandscott said...

UGH...4 days in a row of fever therapy! I certainly feel for Brad this week. I know it is tough to be made to feel bad. Haven't (and won't) quit praying. Love you guys.


sarahdawn said...

We will be praying that the 4 days of fever be as easy as possible and that you can all get rest during the nights. Love you all!

suzanne and errol said...

Jeni and Brad, we are praying daily for all of you. We admire your faith that God will do his work and you all will be home soon. God has put Dr. Thaller in your lives because Brad needed him at this time. We are so proud and love all of you so much. Remember that you are in our prayers daily. will talk later, we love you, suzanne and errol

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny and Brad, Our prayer for this week will be that the God of mercy, who never sleeps, will show you in specific ways that He is present with you as you go through this week of treatment. May His strength renew you with rest each night to face each new day. May the Holy Spirit guide those that are working with you and may their every effort be blessed to bring you healing. We ask these things in Jesus' Holy Name. The Jays