Friday, June 6, 2008

Pictures from Markt Berolzheim

The flowers around the city are breath-taking. I believe to be German it must be a requirement that you have a green thumb. Everything seems to bloom wonderfully here. As you walk down the sidewalk, you can smell roses from many of the yards...they are very fragrant.

I love all the flower boxes in the windows.

A picture of the clinic from the outside. It is a home that has stood for over 200 Dr. Thaller runs his clinic on the 1st and 2nd floor, while his family resides in the 3rd story. He is the father of seven children, so I don't know where he puts everyone!

I had to include this picture because this was taken from the first day we arrived at the clinic. Here Dr. Thaller is checking Brad's pulse as he puts his other hand over some homeopathic medicines that he keeps in drawers. As he puts his hands over the medicines, he feels for a 'jump' in Brad's pulse to tell him that it is the right medicine to help Brad. I can't imagine what was going through Brad's head as this was going on. I kept thinking, 'Welcome to alternative medicine. Now this is probably something I will never see again.'


Heather Jonasson said...

The pictures of the town are beautiful. And it's wonderful that you got such a big house for everyone. I hope Brad is doing well with the treatments. I know it will be great to see your kids tomorrow! I hope they do well on the flight.

Anonymous said...

I am always impressed about how you find the beauty and joy in everything. It is there if we look for it, isn't it. These pictures are great. Praying for you all. Jerry and Ann Jay