Monday, June 16, 2008

More Pictures from the Castle

Here are a few other pictures from the Harburg castle. In the first picture Zeke is showing off his souveniors that Nonnie & Gwanddad found for him. He is now ready for hire if anyone has a castle that needs protecting.


amber dayton said...

Fun castle pics! Kaelyn looks like she's had a little too much German beer! ;)

We are praying for comfort & strength for Brad this week with all the fever therapy & total healing of course!

Anonymous said...

We are strangers, but share the bond of Christ. I've been following your family's blog since receiving it as a prayer request a couple months ago. Our prayers are with you all daily.

Lisa Hanna said...

Ok, loved the video of Kaelyn!!! Also made me sad--I miss my "other children"!!! We'll be praying hard for Brad's strength this week--I know he can do it.

Lisa Hanna said...

Also, a belated Happy Father's Day to Brad and David!

tamandscott said...

Still praying--adorable video of Kaelyn, by the way.


Anonymous said...

I think Kaelyn might beat Hank in a foot race, but just barely. So glad the kids get to do things like visit an actual castle while you guys are there.

Joining Scott and SO MANY others in ceaseless prayer,

Matt H