Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Blog!

I am so excited to be blogging again! You can read about our family at our new blog site:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Blessing From Southeast

Yesterday morning, at the end of both services, our church family gave us a blessing...wishing us well as we begin this new chapter. It was so comforting to hear Scott's prayer for our family as we embark on this new period in our life. We have been so richly blessed by the amazing church family at Southeast...they have taught me what it truly means to love others as Jesus loves us. I am a better person having been a part of this family for the past ten years.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good-Bye Party + Zeke's Half-Birthday

On Sunday afternoon our sweet life group hosted a "Good-Bye" Party for Zeke & Kaelyn. And, because Zeke's half-birthday is quickly approaching, we decided to go ahead and throw in a quick celebration for him while we still shared the same zip code as all his close buddies. The afternoon was filled with water slides, water guns, spriklers and lots of laughs. The kids had a great time, and even after 5 hours of play they insisted they were not ready to go home yet.

Special thanks to the Saldua's for hosting! And thank you Shoup's, Broussard's, Price's, Conrad's, Kathryn, Kornegay's, Fyffe's & Boudra's for throwing us such a fun party. We had a really great time.

So excited...could not wait to break into those gifts!
The sweet friends were just as excited as Zeke was. Their "oohs" and "aahs" at every opening were hysterical.

Bachelorette Party

My sweet friends threw a Bachelorette party for me this past Friday evening. We gathered at Reecie and Matt's home in the Heights for dinner, drinks and dessert (Crave absolute favorite!) The girls even hired a masseuse to come and give everyone a massage that night. It was W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!

Reecie ordered cheese balls shaped as "love birds" and...

...a wedding cake topper.

And....somehow I managed to let Noelle and Kathryn get away without being in a picture!

Thank you ladies for planning such a special night of girl time for me. It was so much fun!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vacation Weekend At Galveston

Two weekends ago Brady & I took the kids to Galveston for the weekend. We met up with Angie & Josh and stayed with them in their amazing camper trailer. The kids had a tremendous time swimming and playing at the beach. Ok, Chloe tolerated it...she wasn't really happy about the scratchy seaweed or the dirty sand, but she managed. K & Zeke had a blast playing with Callie and Ansley. It was so much fun!

I would love to know what message Chloe was trying to send across to Brady in this picture. She looks so very pensive.

On Friday night Angie brought out glow sand to decorate pictures with. I have never seen anything like it. Of course the kids went straight from the artwork to rubbing it all over their bodies.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Zeke's Field Day

Zeke had his 1st Grade Field Day last week at the Deer Park 9th Grade football field. While Zeke was not awarded 1st place for his wind sprints, being the biggest child in 1st grade does have its advantages. One of those is you are likely to be chosen as the "extra" on not only


But THREE different classes for the "Tug-Of-War" contest.

I know that Zeke's daddy would be so proud. Because if it's one thing Brad Wims did well it was using his body size to his advantage. (Right Shoup? Maybe you witnessed that in a couple of pool basketball games?)

Zeke and his fabulously-amazing teacher, Ms. Perry. Don't know how we would have survived 1st grade without this great woman.

Komen Race In San Antonio