Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stories From Today

1. Zeke told me tonight that I am the very prettiest and very best mommy ever. He is such a smart child. :)

2. Zeke is the best big brother that I little girl could ever hope for. This afternoon Zeke and Jordan were out on the driveway playing basketball. Then were launching the ball from great distances trying to see who could make the furthest basket. Kaelyn wanting to play with Zeke but he was very concerned that the basketball would bounce off something and hit K. He kept trying to coax her over to me (I was watching from the side), telling her that he didn't want her to get hurt. He even told her at one point that he and Jordan were just going to play for another minute and then he would "play dolls or something" with her. So sweet. Man, I love that kid!

3. Kaelyn likes to personify inanimate them names, voices, personalities, etc. Today in the car she chose to play her game with her shoes. She took them off and pretended they were having a conversation with each other. Right off the bat, the shoes got into an argument. Kaelyn made one shoe say to the other, "Hey, why did you push me?" The other shoe said defensively, "I didn't mean to push was an ACCIDENT!" I DO NOT know where she comes up with this stuff...silly girl!

4. Tonight I took both kids to the gym with me so they stayed in the child watch area while I did a group exercise class. After the class I went back to pick them both up and the worker told me Kaelyn was in the kids' bathroom. I walked into the restroom to check on her only to find her hunched over the floor with tiny toilet paper squares mopping up pee off the floor. I never did fully understand whether the pee was hers/someone elses/ or a combination but I wavered between being really excited that she went to the bathroom unprompted and being really grossed out that she was cleaning pee off the floor with her hands. We just used a lot of soap and I tried not to think too much about it. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Now Hiring

Here are a couple of pictures of my "temporary assistants" working in my office. Kaelyn decided she would help mom sticker all my products before we shelved them.

All joking aside, I am looking for a new assistant at this time. It is part time work....3-4 hours a day/ 2-3 days a week. If you know anyone who is looking for a part time job...I am looking for a referral! I am also looking for babysitter referrals too!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ok, so I fell behind with my blogging some time in December and never quite caught up. Then at the start of the year my computer was giving me fits and I couldn't seem to get anything to post right. So, tonight I took several hours to post as much as I fast as I could in an effort to get somewhat "caught up"....I'm not quite there but I'm a whole lot closer. YEA!

Kaelyn's Fashion Statements

Kaelyn has taken an interest (just like her brother) at selecting her own wardrobe each day. She definately has preferences and likes to voice them. Unless we are going somewhere really important, I usually let her pick.

Here are a couple of the recent choices. The pink sleeper outfit was worn to 24Hour fitness the other week. I really felt that the high heels added a little something special to the ensemble. She walked into the gym and looked up at the man checking us in and told him, "these are not just flip flops....THESE are Cinderella shoes." The man just looked back at her blankly....I don't think he quite appreciated the great lengths that she had taken to look good for our gym outing. :)