Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our House is SOLD!!!

HOORAY!!! We are so excited to announce that our home in Deer Park was sold last Tuesday. We are THRILLED to have this behind us...including my parents, who have been helping me work on the house EVERY DAY since we first prepared to list. We received 3 contracts on the house in the same weekend after 9 days on the MLS...ended up selling it "by owner" for more than our asking price. We are so thankful for this tremendous blessing.

Thank you so much to Mom, Dad, Nonnie, Granddad, Lisa, Valerie, Larry, Erik, Tim, Tom, & Tom's Deer Park HS Football team who helped us pack, carry, and load our entire house onto a moving truck. Without these wonderful people I feel certain that I would still be in the house packing right now.

Uncle Matty wasn't too pleased with the news because it means we are that much closer to moving away from him.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Trip to the Duchman Family Winery

This weekend I drove to San Antonio to join Brady for a leadership meeting with some of the other couples from work. I had never been to a winery before so it was very exciting and the grounds were absolutely beautiful. It was also fun to have the opportunity to spend time with all of his friends from his squadron...they are wonderful people.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Cousins

I just love this picture. The kids and I stopped by Cypress on the way back from San Antonio to attend Macie's 2nd birthday party. We managed to get a bit lost on the way soooo we missed quite a bit of the celebration. It turned out just fine though because we got a chance to create our own secondary party without the distraction of all the other guests. The kids acted like they hadn't seen each other in years and gave each other BIG hugs before we left. Callie told Zeke as we were leaving, "I just hate it when you have to leave Zeke!" They just love each other so is so very sweet.

Happy Birthday Mr. Brady!

A sweet treat from Angie & Josh! YUM!

The kids and I went to San Antonio this weekend to celebrate Brady's 30th Birthday. While we were there we also had the opportunity to attend the squadron Easter egg hunt with all the children. The kids had a GREAT time and Chloe was IN LOVE with the Easter bunny. She cried once the bunny had to go home. It was so sweet.