Saturday, June 26, 2010

They're Back!

After 11 days without my kiddos (they have been gone to MeMe Camp...then K stayed in Kerrville with Zeke took a trip to Granbury with Non & Granddad), they are back home with me! The time alone was a tremendous blessing, but the sounds of laughter and playing in the house is music to my ears. I have missed those two little monkeys! :)

Thank you MeMe, Dan, Krista, BeBe, Kendall, Ashton, Ryan, Regan, Nonnie, Granddad & anyone else who helped entertain my kids while I worked the past 2 weeks. I love you all!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cousin Reunion

Krista and the kids came for a visit last week. It was so much fun having the opportunity to hang out, swim in the pool, and spend time together. We met the Hanna's at the ever-famous China garden on Tuesday evening. The kids took some silly pictures for me but I would have to say that some of the faces classify under the "scary" catagory...Callie, what are you doing?...that face in the 3rd picture is downright frightening!

The Gift for Mrs. Petty

The night before the last day of school Zeke decided to make a book for Mrs. Petty to give her for her retirement gift. He spent at least two and a half hours composing messages and drawing pictures for her book. It was really touching to see how important creating this gift for her was to him.

Can you see the adoration in this child's eyes....he sure loves his teacher! What a blessing.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zeke's Graduation

On Thursday of last week, Zeke had a special graduation ceremony at his school. Nonnie & Granddad were able to drive in to attend the event with us. Lisa, Callie, Jack, & Macie were also present at this momentous event. Zeke was so proud to have so many family members there with him. For lunch, Zeke Granddad told Zeke that he would get to decide where to go. Zeke immediately chose Burger King (oh boy)....but Nonnie threw a little bribery in to convince Zeke that Gringo's would be a better choice (whew). After lunch we had some great swim time in the pool again....we have been putting the pool to good use so far this season.

It was a GREAT day!

Kaelyn Time

K's Mother's Day Out school ended 2 weeks ago so in the last couple of weeks she & I have had some special time together. On Tuesday she decided that she wanted to first go to the gym (K loves the gym and asks to go all the time..such a blessing!), then take lunch to her brother...another favorite of hers. Later that day we decided to go in to have pedicures together....Kaelyn's very first pedi! She was thrilled to have pink toenails.

Kaelyn Quotes

Kaelyn has been on a roll today so I decided to document a few of her quotes.

This morning as Zeke walked out the door to go jump in the car with Ms. Alicia, Kaelyn called out the front door to him, "Goodbye Bubba...have a wonderful day at school!" Such a sweet girl.

Later in the day, I told her we were going to call Uncle Gene (who lives in North Carolina) to wish him a Happy Birthday. Kaelyn responded with, "Yippee...and then we can help him eat his cake!!" She then proceeded to go into her room to find appropriate party attire....a green Tinkerbell costume. She was far less than amused when I told her the celebration would be taking place too far from our home for us to attend.

At lunch she informed me, "Momma, you know what! When Papa sits down in in his chair, I am BIGGER!"