Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kaelyn Quotes

Kaelyn has been on a roll today so I decided to document a few of her quotes.

This morning as Zeke walked out the door to go jump in the car with Ms. Alicia, Kaelyn called out the front door to him, "Goodbye Bubba...have a wonderful day at school!" Such a sweet girl.

Later in the day, I told her we were going to call Uncle Gene (who lives in North Carolina) to wish him a Happy Birthday. Kaelyn responded with, "Yippee...and then we can help him eat his cake!!" She then proceeded to go into her room to find appropriate party attire....a green Tinkerbell costume. She was far less than amused when I told her the celebration would be taking place too far from our home for us to attend.

At lunch she informed me, "Momma, you know what! When Papa sits down in in his chair, I am BIGGER!"

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