Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kaelyn's Fashion Statements

Kaelyn has taken an interest (just like her brother) at selecting her own wardrobe each day. She definately has preferences and likes to voice them. Unless we are going somewhere really important, I usually let her pick.

Here are a couple of the recent choices. The pink sleeper outfit was worn to 24Hour fitness the other week. I really felt that the high heels added a little something special to the ensemble. She walked into the gym and looked up at the man checking us in and told him, "these are not just flip flops....THESE are Cinderella shoes." The man just looked back at her blankly....I don't think he quite appreciated the great lengths that she had taken to look good for our gym outing. :)

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Rebecca said...

I love KK's fashion statements! You say she's like her brother in that aspect, however I think he was naked more often than clothed at that age. Either way, they are a cute pair.