Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good News

Yesterday afternoon and evening went well for Brad. The fever session was shorter, Brad didn't get a secondary round of fever that night, and he seemed to feel altogether better. We reported back this morning to tell Dr. Thaller that Brad did not have a fever again last night....Thaller commented in saying that he felt it was because Brad's immune system was getting stronger (sounds great to me!)

Today was much the same. Brad started shivering just after 9am and then only had fever until about 11. That is by far the shortest stent of fever that he has had during one of these sessions. By the time we went into the other room for the hyperthermia, he was without any fever. Following the hyperthermia, we started the use of the dendritic and natural killer cell therapy.

Dr. Thaller has been taking notice of an annoying cough that Brad has been struggling with since arriving to Germany. I am fairly convinced at this point that it is aggrevated by allergies, but Dr. Thaller felt that a good round of accupunture could cure it. First thing this morning, Dr. Thaller had Brad on the table to insert about 70 needles all over his body. I don't think that Brad was very excited about this technique, but he tolerated it well. I didn't hear much coughing from Brad the rest of the day...don't know if the accupunture worked or if Brad was just afraid to cough around Dr. Thaller....afraid he might poke him a few hundred more times. Ouch! I have pictures, but I don't have time to download them today. (More later)

We received a great care package from the Jones' and Shoup's today. The funniest part was the toilet paper for Sandra and the hair care products for David. We laughed a lot!

We also received LOTS of mail today! The staff at the clinic has really taken notice to the number of cards that have come into the clinic with Brad's name on it. I am so thankful for the cards that have been sent. Brad was very emotional today during the shivering and the cards truly help him through it. Thank you again. We love you all and we will write more soon.


Anonymous said...

Praise God for the improvements of the fever treatments and their lingering side effects. We will start praying up that cough now so Brad can avoid further pin cushion sessions. Looking forward to those pics. =)

Matt H

Anonymous said...

Luke was so excited to see pictures of Zeke. He really misses him. He is looking forward to seeing that cool new sword too. Tell Brad to hang in there. One more week to go. See you soon. Love, Vanessa

Darrell and Angie Campbell said...

We are so glad to see pictures of you and to hear your sweet laugh and see K having so much fun! The pictures are beautiful! We look forward to your return!

D Brandon said...

Been thinking of you daily. Vicki just sent me your website. I am a firm believer that God works in mysterious ways. We do not always know why, but there is a why. Hang in there. Love, Dick and Debbie Brandon

D Brandon said...

Been thinking of you daily. Vickie just sent the link to your site. I am a firm believer that God works in mysterious ways and we do not always understand why, but there is a WHY. Hang in there! Love Debbie and Dick Brandon