Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coughing Cure

Brad has been struggling with a nagging cough ever since arriving in Germany. Dr. Thaller decided on Tuesday to work on that cough by using a little accupunture therapy. This therapy included using a needle jun with some kind of fluid in it to poke holes in about 70 places all over Brad's body. The needle gun made bee-sting-like whelps all over...Dr. Thaller even did it on Brad's poor face...ouch! Dr. Thaller didn't seem remorseful at all and instead enjoyed the look of agony on my face as I watched him poke holes all over Brad. Once that was finished, Nurse Christine put accupunture pins in all of the bee-sting areas. I had a hard time holding back my scepticism over this procedure...I do hope that it helps.

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