Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Prayer for Brad

Dear Father,

Please be with Brad this evening and help him to get a good night's sleep so that his mind will feel refreshed and his body may continue to heal. Lay your hands on him and help him to recover quickly so that he may begin to get up and move around and do all the things that he desires to do.

We realize that he is so tired and so weary from the pain of discomfort and from the lack of deep sleep. Help give him peace during this difficult time. Help restore his energy. Help him to relax and let go of any unnecessary distractions. Help him to wake in the morning and take some time to meditate and find a good mental place.

Help him to see all those around him who love him, care for him, and want complete healing. Help him to feel there love and concern for him. Ultimately, please help him to just start feeling better.

It is in all these things that we ask of you,

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