Friday, June 6, 2008

Our Home Away from Home

This is our lovely home in Markt Berolzheim. It is absolutely perfect for our is humongous (5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 full baths, 3 half baths, 2 living areas and a fabulous back yard.) The five bedrooms work out the best...1 room for Brad & I, 1 for Non & Gwanddad, 1 for Papa C. & G.G., 1 for Uncle Matt, Zeke & K (shhhhhhh Uncle Matt doesn't know of this arrangement yet :) & then 1 more room for anyone who wants to stay for a visit...perfect!

This is our marvelous vehicle. Leave it to the gas-guzzling Americans to select the largest vehicle they offer on the lot. Ok, all joking aside....we needed the bigger car for the 2 strollers & the wheelchair + the 9 bottoms that will be riding in it. And, originally we had selected a small stationwagon, but our reservation mysteriously disappered once we arrived at Thrifty to pick it up. So, after a lot of convincing & Brad threatening to call Thrifty corporate, they stepped up and gave us our van for the same price. Yeah! It has actually worked out great because the van is very easy to lift the wheelchair into.

Our backyard is the comes complete with swings, a sandbox, a pond (that I hope to keep K out of) and our new pet rabbits: Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail (he's black and a little hard to see in the photo). Aren't they cute? There are actually about 20 of those little guys in cages in the back. They are everywhere! I know this is the area that my children will want to be ALL the time.

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