Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last Treatment for This Trip

Today was Brad's last treatment. Dr. Thaller will be out tomorrow so no therapy. Instead I think we will take a day trip somewhere if Brad feels up to it. Monday we will return to Munich to stay with Isolde again. Wednesday morning we will head back...yippee!

Treatment today was a little rocky. Brad was given his initial dosage of Coley's toxins. We fever. The nurse administered more toxins. We fever. Coley's toxins were given one last fever so Brad was moved to the hyperthermia bed. Just as we began the hyperthermia, he started to shake. He also had a issue with nausia...he threw up several times. We cut the hyperthermia a little short today and moved him back into his bed.

Matt & I helped entertain with a few hands of dominoes while we waited for Brad's fever to go down. Matt just took Brad back home to rest and now several of us are waiting here at the clinic to talk with Dr. Thaller, get a few questions answered, get our instructions for administering medicine, etc.


sillentexas said...

Yeah, last treatment for this trip sounds so exciting. I know it seems like just yesterday you all were leaving and in some ways its been weeks. What an opportunity for you all to be such a witness for the Lord. Thats what I've realized he gives, not necessarily what we ask for but always an opportunity to grow, to change, to use our faith, for others to help us in so many ways. Boy that one is hard! We love you and pray everyday for God to heal you and use you for His glory.

de & ke

sillentexas said...

oh yeah, thanks for blogging!


Nellie's Nuggets said...

We continue to keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you are feeling better, Jenny!

We've really relied on your blog to keep us updated. It has allowed us to keep others who are not so computer savvy updated as well.

Hoping you can enjoy the remainder of your time in Germany, and looking forward to hearing you are safely back home.

Skip and Nell

Darrell and Angie Campbell said...

So glad that you are done with this treatment now. We look forward to seeing you home again next week. I hope you can enjoy the next few days and can get a little more relaxing vacation in before coming home. I hope you were able to get your questions answered from Dr. Thaller.

Praying for you always!
The Campbells

Shirley Burroff said...

I am Hudson Carnes' Mimi and Valerie and Eric's neighbor. I have been praying for you and success for this treatment. We have seen first hand the power of prayer and will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer.

Brooks Inc. said...


we continue to lift you guys up...askign the Lor dto remove every trace of cancer from brad's body. Know that you all are a constant companion in our thoughts...

Sure love you!


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

I have been visiting your site everyday to keep updated but I have not been able to comment bc I do not know what to say... I can not imagine what you guys are going through but I am admired by your strenght and courage to face each day with a smile. Our God is amazing and I know He is working miracles right now... have a safe flight home and get some rest and thank you for always keeping us updated on the blog. We are praying.