Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sweet, Precious Chloe

In the mail yesterday Brad received a very special package from a sweet friend, Chloe Perkins. Chloe is the daughter of our friends Mike & Denise Perkins (former Aggies for Christ and AFCOers). Chloe is six-years-old and has the most tender heart and passionate love for the Lord.

Inside the package Brad found money and a very special note. (Chloe- I hope I'm not sharing more than you would like, but the gift was so sweet, I wanted others to hear about it.) The note read: To Brad. I hope you git wele. From Chloe. We all love you and we wut you to be wele. I am giving you some of my money becuse i want to help you pay for your medsin. Love Chloe Perkins.

We cried a lot over sweet Chloe's servant heart. We love you Chloe & we thank God for putting wonderful people in our life such as you. You are truly a gift from Him.

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