Monday, June 16, 2008

A Prayer of Thanks

I come before you now, feeling honored to have such a strong support group of fellow Christians who are continually lifting up our family's name in prayer to you, Lord. We feel so blessed in knowing that we are loved & cared for by so many. You have given us everything to take care of ALL of needs. We are so richly blessed. Everything good in our lives comes from you and there are SO many good things to be thankful for.

Thank you for friends & family who pray without ceasing.
Thank you for family who traveled thousands of miles to be with us during therapy.
Thank you for the many 'spirit-lifting' calls that we have received here at the clinic.
Thank you for the wonderful cards...that Brad always saves to have read to him during the shaking part of the fever therapy.
Thank you for the emails that are sent to 'check on us.'
Thank you for the many kind & generous donations that everyone has sent to help pay for Brad's treatment here. I am completely in awe by the extreme generosity.
Thank you for attentive doctors and nurses who seem to 'jump' at every need we have.
Thank you for all the kindness that has been shown to us here by the people in this country.
Thank you for watching over Brad at night and helping him get the rest he needs.
Thank you for meeting all of our needs.

Father, please lay your hands on Brad and remove the cancer from his body. We are awaiting his miraculous recovery.

We love you Father.
In Your Name We Pray,

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