Monday, June 9, 2008

Starting Week Two of Treatment

Brad just finished completing his first day of the second week of treatment here with Dr. Thaller. His ports are in place..praise God & we are well on our way to healing.

Dr. Thaller told us first thing this morning that he had been in a lecture this past week and heard amazing results from another doctor who was using a couple of other simple methods of treatment to include in Brad's cancer regiment. It was comforting to know that Dr. Thaller continues to think about Brad's case even after we leave the clinic.

On another very exciting note, I met a sweet man named Alexander today while Brad was receiving his fever therapy. Alexander is a 60-year-old man who has been working with Dr. Thaller for the last 24 months. He came to Dr. Thaller with an extremely advanced case of metastatic prostate cancer. Alexander could not walk, sleep, sit up, or even speak when he arrived to the clinic. He came to over to talk with me and 'to give me encouragement' today. He showed me the CT scans from 2 years ago (when he was first diagnosed) and then scans from about a month was AMAZING the difference. His orginal scans showed tumors covering the entirety of his bones and the more recent scan showed just a few tumors remaining. His medical report also showed his PSA at 154 in the beginning and now it is at 0.5. WOW! I was so excited to hear the excitement from this patient...he was so happy to share his story....probably not any more happy than I was to hear it. :) It's so encouraging to hear such a wonderful story. Alexander felt certain that Brad's miracle would take place at this clinic too. (sounds great to me!)

Today's treatment went well. Brad's fever raised to 38.7 degrees Celcius (which is 101 Farenheit). The nurses seemed pleased with the outcome. Brad definately looked worn out from the treatment but he handled the treatment well. The fever therapy was combined with hypothermia, directed at the right pulmonary tumor. He then received the new introveinus medication that Dr. Thaller suggested.

Thursday marks the day that we begin the dendritic and natural killer cell therapy.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers, calls, & cards. Brad has absolutely loved hearing from each of you and we miss you all dearly.


david said...

Thanks so much for blogging. I know how busy you must be but keep on blogging and try not to inhale too much while doing it? We had the internet cafe smoking experience everytime we were in Romania. I was going say ask Dave but then Dave doesn't blog because Dave doesn't do computers, lol! :0
Its not what you're used to but what part of this whole thing is what your used to? nichts,
Absolutely nothing is what you're used to. What are all those rabbits for anyway? BBQ?

love & prayers everyday, de & ke

Linda said...

Hope this works!! It was so good to get to talk to Brad, Jen, and Sandra. NOTHING is better than hearing a voice, except actually being with you. Love you all, Linda

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenny for keeping us all up to date on Brad and the entire family. We pray for Brad and you and the kids continuously. Tell everyone hello! We love you guys!
Al & Cindy Rieck

tamandscott said...

I loved hearing the testimony from the other patient--how encouraging! Still praying for total healing--we have full faith! Scott

Anonymous said... I have always called you. =) I pray for you daily. I still think of you as a boy running around at Grandads and Graminos. You have turned into an amazing man. I am alaways asking Krista about you! Stay strong! Kerry Tilton