Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Harder Day

Today's treatment has been much more difficult for Brad. He is becoming more resistant to the Coley's Toxins (which is to be expected). So, in order to get his fever to rise today..they had to give him a second injection of the toxins. The shaking was more intense and he just seemed to be worn down. I know he is also emotionally ready to have a break.

I have also been fighting a cold the last 5 days so I don't feel that I have been as helpful to him due to the fact that I haven't been feeling well either. To hopefully lessen the duration of the cold, I have been taking maximum dosages of Zycam. I've tried to keep my germy face away from Brad as much as possible (knowing that a cold is the last thing he needs)..but it is hard...when he feels bad, I just want to kiss all over his sweet face. The most debilitating part recently is that I also have been having sudden back pain accompanied with migrane headaches. I'm not usually a person who gets headaches but I have had a couple over the past year. So, I am also praying for my own quick recovery so that I can quickly resume my position as head nurse. (Uncle Matt has taken over my role while I have been down.)

Papa C., Uncle Matt, Nonnie, Zeke & I came to Wei├čenburg for a little while to use the internet. Brad stayed at home with Gwanddad and Kaelyn to get a little rest.

We will be headed back to the states in one week....yeah! I know that Brad is VERY ready.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for updating your blog so frequently. It helps to know a little better how to pray for all of you. It sounds like things are a bit tough, but it also sounds like Brad's body is responding. The more his body fights, the better the treatment outcome might be. All of you are in my prayers, but especially Brad at this time that that God will use this unique yet awesome opportunity to make Brad well. Hang in there and I hope everyone feels well for the trip home.

Jennifer Gordon

Joelle said...

Thanks for the updates and pictures! I will pray for your headaches and backache, Jenny, and for Brad's body to continue to fight. I can't believe you're coming back in a week! I bet you guys are ready to be home in your own bed. I will pray for your safe travels, and for peaceful kids on the flight home! ;)

Anonymous said...

Brad,Jenny and family, our prayers continue for you daily with an added push for Jenny's health as well. We know how challenging the last week away can be but know that you will be fine with all the family and support surrounding you. Please feel the comfort, healing, and peace that only God can provide. Also know that you are surrounding by love, prayers, and pettitions from all over the U.S. especially in south Texas! Love to all,
Kim and David

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

We are praying for you guys... Hang in there and home is just right around the corner.