Thursday, July 3, 2008

Zeke is Four & A Half

Because Zeke's December 28th birthday falls at such an inconvient time for parties, Brad & I decided after Zeke was born to celebrate half-birthdays for Zeke instead of the "traditional" birthday celebration. So, this year Zeke's party fell on his exact 4-year-six-month date (June 28th). Cousin Callie's birthday is June 19th and she also chose to have her party on the 28th, thus making Saturday, the 28th an extended day of birth celebrations. Zeke was thrilled. He asked as soon as we stepped off the plane from Germany when Callie & his parties would be....he was very excited.

We chose this year to celebrate with family and just a couple of Zeke's friends. Zeke selected the theme, "A Scooby Doo Swim Party." Thanks to the help of Aunt Lisa, Aunt Krista & Janel (who did absolutely all of the party planning, shopping and decorating), we were able to have the party just 3 days after returning from Germany. Thank you Lisa, Janel and Krista!!!!! You did such a great job.

Zeke at 4 1/2
Man, I love this kid. When I look back on Zeke at 4 & a half years of age I will want to remember many things.
*He has such a passion for life & for having a good time. Zeke is the kind of kid who comes home from a friends house asking me if I will take him to "do something fun." He is always going.
*He is SUPER-social. He is always plotting his next plan to go visit a friend, or to play with a neighbor, or to have someone over. He is JUST like his daddy in that way.
*He LOVES his sister. I feel so blessed to have 2 children who absolutely adore one another. Zeke cares for Kaelyn all of the time and is always looking out for her. He plays with her, gets her drinks, makes her snacks, reads with her, and I couldn't ask for a better brother for my daughter.
*He enjoys helping me. One night, I came out of my bedroom where I had been rocking Kaelyn to find that Zeke had decided to clean his room from top to bottom. He had folded every blanket, stacked every pillow, put all his toys and clothes away. Ahh...what a way to a mom's heart! (I was so happy...I took pictures)

*While in many ways, he is all boy, he still has a sensitive-side. He cares about what his mommy & daddy think and he is always looking for ways to please us.
*He has an infectious laugh and a gorgeous smile.
*He loves to wrestle with his daddy and he loves to cuddle with his mommy. Oh, how I DO NOT look forward to the day when he thinks that he is too big for my hugs, kisses and cuddles. Well, I'll probably just make him cuddle with me....even if he does think that he is too big.
*I am so proud of this little one. I have enjoyed every minute of watching him grow into such a wonderfully energertic, fun, comical, kind, loving, smily boy!

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Bobbie Brodsgaard said...

Thought you'd never get these pics posted! Just kidding, but I do look forward to reading and seeing your posts! Just know that you remain in our thoughts and prayers. Much love to your precious family.