Tuesday, July 8, 2008

K's Appetite

I think K is going through a growth spurt.

I'm pretty certain that it is safe to say that Kaelyn spends the large portion of her day rifling through the pantry. With her hand frantically circling her mid-section (her sign for please), she hands me canned goods from the lower shelf. When I tell her that I don't think she will like the dill pickle relish she has chosen for herself, she goes into a frenzy (asking for me to open it)!

While we were in Germany, my friend Valerie re-organized some of my closets (including the pantry) and relocated all the breakfast bars, granola bars and snack items in a large basket at the bottom of the pantry. Kaelyn is thrilled with the new location of the snacks. She pulls them out one at a time and carries them all over the house. I find cheese nips in my bathroom drawer and peanut butter crackers in the laundry basket. There is security for her in knowing that her snacks are safely tucked away for her when she needs them (she's a little like a puppy in that way..hiding bones for herself).

Tonight she woke up at 1am. In an effort to let everyone else sleep, I dashed into Zeke & K's room to get her. I took her into the den to feed her. After we sat down in the rocking chair, she sat up, got down out of my lap, walked into the kitchen and opened the pantry. I guess she knew that milk just wasn't going to satisfy that middle-of-the-night craving she was having.

So, here we are at 2am sitting in the laundry room....me on the computer...and K in her high chair eating cheerios and raisins. What a crazy girl!

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Lisa said...

It is SO nice to know that someone else's child does this as well. Rachel would eat snacks all day long if I would let her, and she, too, hides her snacks for safe keeping. Moms should have some type of beacon that goes off when you're up in the middle of the night so you can signal other moms.