Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Dog Bucky

G.G. & Papa kept the kids the last couple of days, so I haven't had them around to take their picture. So, instead you get a picture of our first child, Bucky.

Bucky is the best dog ever. He is really more of a permanent family member than a dog. There are times when I think Bucky gets better treatment than me. He started out as an outside dog and after we had Zeke, he became an indoor dog (between Zeke & his Daddy...someone is always letting him inside). It is unusual if the dog spends more than 2 hours outdoors. In the summer, "it's too hot for him." In the winter, "it's too cold," or "too wet" or does there really need to be a reason?

Bucky is the perfect pet. He is so loving, so sweet, and so easy to take care of. He & Brad are completely attached and the kids are infatuated with him too.

According to Brad, there is no need to lock our doors (ever) because we have Bucky. When I challenged this idea once, explaining that an intruder with a gun would pose a threat...even to a wonder-dog, Brad told me that Bucky would always warn us of an intruder..with plenty of time for us to plan an alter-attack. This idea was terminated during Uncle Matt's last visit to our house.

One night during his stay, Uncle Matt stayed out late and didn't come home until after 1am. Bucky was laying on the floor in our bedroom that night. The next morning when Brad woke up he asked me, "Did Matt come home last night?" When I said yes, he said, "well, I didn't hear Bucky bark." I said, "that is because he didn't bark." So, Bucky's life as an alert guard-dog is no more. HA! That's alright...I think we'll keep him anyway and I'll just keep locking the doors at night.


Jerry & Babs Foster said...

Jenny & Brad,
I loved reading about Bucky! He is our dog's son.... DREW was Bucky's mom. Please see our blog for Drew's update:
It thrilled us to see a picture! I was glad that we were able to see Brad at Barbara's visitation last Wednesday. You are in our thoughts & prayers daily....all the way from Orange, TX
Jerry & Babs Foster

Bobbie Brodsgaard said...

Bucky is a precious boy for sure. I remember him as a puppy when Randy lived with Brad in CS. Randy was always talking about sweeping up his hair! Now, Randy and Cindy have 2 Labs to clean up after. They are the best dogs for children. Good to see you recently. Much love.

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Great story... and yes we can not forget the animals... when we moved to Singapore I had to give my cat (not just any cat) to my in-laws... and I still look at her picture and get really sad... I miss her and there is something to be said about how a human can love an animal.