Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kaelyn Starts to Talk

Kaelyn's first words:
"Da-ye" meaning Daddy
"eye" which she always says as she gouges her finger into her eye socket.
"E-I-O" she is a big Old McDonald fan
"Uh-Oh" a statement she uses often as she drops things onto the floor (on purpose!)
"E-I" this is a request...she yells this all the time....I don't really think it stands for just means that wants attention or that she needs something.

1 comment:

Mary Anna said...

Wow! She's so adorable!

I check your blog everyday ... and I've even added a feed on mine so I see when it's updated. Glad that things seem to be going well now that your back home. You'll all stay in my prayers.

Oh, and I like your hair!