Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tonight's Life Group

We had life group tonight over at Katherine Jak's house. This first picture is of Kaelyn sitting on the fireplace. Rebecca said that I had to take her picture because she was sitting there for so long...looking like such a big girl. Ok, I know...she might be the most precious thing anyone has ever seen. I know ;) It's also a picture to be noted because in this picture, Kaelyn is showing off her very first ponytail. Her hair is getting long enough to put in a tiny ponytail that I can then use to slide a bow into...yippee! The hair-styling very exciting! I LOVE doing girls hair...yippee...hooray!

The last picture is of Zeke holding Baby Nate. The funniest part of that moment was listening to Zeke as he held the baby...he was giving non-stop "Nate" commentary...saying things like "who is this boy holding me? I don't want to just lay here on my back...I want to get up and walk around and play. I think I am hungry now. Here I am, just sucking on my hand and laying here with Zeke." was SO hysterical!

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