Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hooray for Air Conditioning!

The air conditioning in my suburban hasn't been working well since May. So, this week....after my sweaty thighs were pealed off the leather seats one too many times, we decided to take it in to the shop.

The air was fixed yesterday and as I sat back today and enjoyed it's marveous coolness, I thought, wow...I really love air conditioning! In this intense Texas heat...I really, really appreciate it. My kids do too...Zeke's not one to sweat...we found that out during his soccer camp this summer when he proclaimed that he did not want to go to soccer anymore, "soccer made him way too hot and way too sweaty." I told Brad it was ok, that maybe Zeke would make a good swimmer or gymnast (Brad LOVED that comment.)

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Perks said...

That made me laugh. :) I can just see Brad's face when you mentioned HIS boy becoming a gymnast or swimmer. Funny.