Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thank You

Our family is blessed in more ways than anyone could imagine. We have the best support group of family, friends and church family that anyone could ever hope for. Every night when Brad & I pray together we always mention the ways that we have been blessed by those around us. I am continuously in awe of the many kind acts that others do for us all the time. I really don't know what I would do without each of you...just when I start to feel down or become overwhelmed with the situation, someone steps in and helps to lighten my load so that things just start to get easier.

I have to share the sweet gesture that several of the ladies from our church did for us while we were away. Our life group women came over to the house and cleaned our home from top to bottom while we were away. They even organized closets and cleaned the baseboards! (When we stepped into the door on Wednesday night, we caught a wiff of fresh flowers, cleaning products, and "wallflowers" (for those of you who don't know those are the best air fresheners ever). After 4 weeks in a town that had a distinct smell of farm was so refreshing to come home to a clean smelling house. Just ask Brad...there is NOTHING that takes the stress away from me more quickly than a clean house. Thank you are the BEST!

We were also blessed with lots of "welcome home" gifts when we entered the door. Our fridge was restocked, our pantry was full, and the kitchen table was filled with cards and special goodies. ThANk YoU SOOO much for all of the items....the kids were especially excited about coming home to their "normal foods."

Thank you to everyone...because I don't even know everyone involved in these gifts....we really appreciate the special gifts.


tamandscott said...

I am so thankful for your strong support group! I am also very thankful that you made it home safely and were able to celebrate Zeke's 1/2 bday. I can't believe they're getting so big! Love y'all!

sueb said...

Jenny, thank you for keeping us all up to date with your blog. I check it out every day and keep all of you in our prayers. So nice to have you back.