Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crazy Hair

Ok, so I'm pretty flexible when it comes to my hair cut, length and color. Most of my friends know that I get my hair done at the local beauty school (because I can't stand paying the $150+ it costs to go elsewhere).'s experience was rather interesting. I think my first clue came when the beautician next to mine turned toward me when we were taking out the color foils to rinse my hair and said, "Is that the color you meant to do?" That was worrysome.

The second clue was delivered when my beautician said, "Don't will fade over time."

Third clue came when I got home and Zeke looked at me with his head cocked to one side and said, "Mom.....ummmm...some of your hair looks the same and some.....ummmmm......looks different." (So carefully choosing every word) When he saw my hesitant look he quickly followed that statement with, "You're beautiful Mommy." What a guy. He knows JUST what to say to me. Man, I love him.

So, here it new look! What do you think (it's a little hard to see in these pictures that Zeke's interesting)? Gig em' low lites are MAROON! that is some hair. Good thing I am F-L-E-XiBLe!


Amy said...

I like look great no matter what color your hair is! =)

amy buchanan

Anonymous said...

When you get tired of wondering what you will look like at the beauty school, give me a call. I did hair for 8 years before I had kids, and don't charge $150.

Amy Davis

da momma said...

u r so beautiful!