Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nursing 101

Before we left Markt Berolzheim, I was given a crash course in nursing treatment for Brad. And when I say crash course...I do mean crash course! Basically I spent two and a half hours on Friday afternoon with Nurse Christine and Dr. Thaller going over what medicines to give when and how. They talked about what needed to be done while we helped translate it into English and then write it down on paper. I learned all the ins and outs of basic port care. I learned how to mix the medication, what needed to be refridgerated, how to administer it, and more. Dad had the brilliant idea of taping me while I gave Brad one of the treatments before we left. I feel certain that I would have been lost without the video to remind me of all the steps.

Brad doesn't seem too nervous when I come at him with large needles (although he probably should be...I know that I am nervous!) The treatment so far seems to take me a little over 2 hours to prep and administer. Just one more hat to add to my daily routine of Mommy, Wife, Cook, Housekeeper, MK Director, Caregiver and now official NURSE!

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da momma said...

i think of you all the time - and pray that you are full of strength for your sweet family! You are doing a great job!