Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fort Worth Friends

One of my very best friends & college roommate, Amber Dayton & her two girls, Anna & Maelyn came for a visit for the past several days. They just left this morning. We have been busy swimming, climbing outside in the playhouse, playing lots of UNO (a new game to Zeke), playing chase, coloring, and much more! Zeke & Anna play so wonderfully together...it is always a joy to get them together. Anna brings out the softer, quieter side of Zeke. He actually spent quite a bit of time with her coloring with markers (which he NEVER does) and he even played "wedding" with her (sorry Kaitlyn).

The first night they were here Amber offered to sit with the kids while Brad & I went to a movie. When we came back Amber shared stories of how the kids entertained themselves. Amber said that part of the evening was spent in the playhouse where Zeke & Anna were playing "wedding." Amber said one minute they were performing their own ceremony and the next minute they were tending to their new baby. Whoah..they move fast!

During dinner Zeke let out a huge belch and then turned to Anna to say, "I burped." (as if she and the next 3 houses couldn't hear). Anna then said, "Zeke, haven't you hear of princess nanners (i.e. manners)?" Zeke said he hadn't. Anna then went on to explain for the next 15 minutes about princess nanners: how you shouldn't burp out loud, how you should say "excuse me" if you bump into someone, how you should be polite....etc, etc. Towards the end of this very long, very detailed speech, Zeke started to dose off and was literally about to fall asleep in his plate! I guess that topic of conversation wasn't one of great interest to him.

Here are the 4 munchkins together...not an easy picture to take with 4 little ones 5 and under. I was impressed that we got them all to sit still long enough to take the shot.

Kae & Mae in the sandbox.

There was a lot of time spent in costume. Kaelyn even tried to get into the game by wrapping her blankie around her head...I'm not sure who she was supposed to be....maybe Mother Mary?

One night the kids had a "picnic" for dinner. Here they are testing out the blanket before we filled it with food.

What a cutie! Brad laughed & laughed at this one all weekend. He thought she was the funniest thing ever....Maelyn has such an expansive vocabulary...it really is unbelievable. Brad would say, "Jen, did you hear her...she just said....no, Mr. Brad...that is dangerous!" Since Zeke didn't speak a word till 26 months....we find Maelyn's speech completely amazing!

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da momma said...

what a fun few days! glad yall got a night out! i love the nanners :)