Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Gena took the boys to Galveston yesterday for fun in the surf. They all got new boards to float on....Zeke is in love with his. He is infatuated with dolphins so of course he picked the board with their design. A couple of hours into the adventure Gena called to say that she was going to have to call in for help because the boys were continuously trying to see how far out they could go before she would call them back. No fear in any of them at all.

Zeke absolutely loves the beach. Gena told him a few weeks ago that she would come into town and take all 3 of the boys to the beach. As soon as we stepped off the plane from Germany he told me, "Now Bibi is coming with Ryan and Regan and we are going to the beach."

When they were finished for the day, they started to pack up everything and Zeke said, "Well, ok, now where is our hotel." Bibi didn't realize his expectations...he was ready to make a week of it.


Brenda said...

And obviously he was really broken up about being away from you guys!!! :)

tamandscott said...

Looks like tons of fun in the sun! I love the pictures covered in mud!!