Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trip to Aggieland

Tuesday our family took a road trip to College Station just to see the campus and take the kids around some of our favorite spots at A&M. It even turned out to be Elephant Walk day, an Aggie tradition for seniors....where students walk around the campus, reminiscing about the sites on campus...they do a few yells with yell leaders. A&M brings elephants on campus for the students to take their picture with. So, needless to say, we were not without things to look at/watch on the campus....there was a lot going on.
That evening we had dinner with Stephen & then went to watch an Aggie basketball game. It was a late after about an hour into the game...Zeke & K were reaching a point of crazy I took them on to the hotel while the guys stayed to watch the rest of the game.

The next morning we got up and took advantage of the pool for a little swimming. It was so quiet in our hotel....we felt like we pretty much had the place to was awesome!

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SheridanLeftwich said...

It is so neat that your family is all so close that ya'll can easily get together and take care of one another. That is truely what it is all about. I love that the cousins get to play together so often. We have that here, too. I can't imagine my children not having that.