Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Disney Vacation 2008

Ok, I am FINALLY getting our Disney pics up on the blog for viewing. I was getting an earfull from friends and family who wanted to see them. The most difficult part was I could only get 50 of the 500 on the here are some of my favorites.

We had the most amazing time on our trip. It was such a wonderful opportunity to get away from everything....we just loved it. Zeke said each day when we left, "and we get to come back tomorrow!?" He couldn't believe how many days we were able to stay and play. We were gone for 10 days, spent 8 days/7nights there....6 days in the park with one "rest" day in the middle. When you travel with Brad Wims you don't do much resting. He had everyone up at the crack of dawn so that we would roll into the parks at opening....he would run us hard all day...making sure not to miss a moment. I was so exhausted by the last day, I could hardly think straight :) All joking aside...we really had a wonderful time.

We stayed at the of the Disney resorts on the monorail. That proved to be very convienent for getting the wheelchair and the stroller on and off easily. We certainly spent a lot less time in transit back and forth to the parks this year. Plus, the resort was gorgeous...decorated in full Hawaiian themes....lots of lush flowers and was really beautiful.

For the first time (after multiple Disney trips) we were in the parks during Halloween celebration. That was certainly a fun twist. Many of the characters were dressed in their costume attire. Zeke loves to dress up, so he certainly enjoyed the excuse to put on his costume. Brad, Zeke & I got tickets to go to "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" on Sunday (our day off) night. Up until that point we had only visited the 2 parks at Universal. Brad & I really enjoyed the opportunity to take Zeke through Majic Kingdom for the first time that trip...just the 3 of us. Zeke & Brad are so enthusiastic about Disneyworld....they make visiting the parks so much fun.

One of the funniest moments that I can remember was while we were riding on the Pirates of the Carribean ride. As our boat went between to ships that were mock "fighting" and shooting cannonballs at one another, Zeke got down at the base of the boat and covered his head. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me, "I don't want to get blow-ded up."

Zeke also was especially excited about meeting all of the characters this year. He took his autograph book around to every character he could find and made sure that we took a picture. He was really cute.

Kaelyn enjoyed the trip too. She especially like the kid areas that involved large climbing pieces and water sprinklers. Who knew that in October we would still be able to enjoy the water sprinklers and be able take the kids swimming?

Overall, I think it was one of our best family trips ever. The kids were both at an incredibly fun age to take in all the excitement. Brad was feeling pretty well the entire time...what a huge blessing. We had an incredible time....took lots of pictures and made lots of fun memories.


amber dayton said...

I loved the pictures! I was just smiling right along with you guys bc your excitement & joy was just contagious!

Lisa said...

Zeke has the biggest smile and most joyous face I've ever seen! I have to admit I'm a little jealous looking through the pictures! I'm SO glad you guys were able to go and just get away as a family for a while. Praying for you always.

Elly said...
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Brooks Inc. said...

I loved looking at these pictures...So thankful that it was wonderful!

praying for you all the time!
Blessings -