Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funny Zeke-isms

We are traveling to College Station today to take Zeke and K around A&M. Brad & I decided the other day that this was something we had never done, but really wanted to...so while we were in Germany last week we made plans to take them today.

This morning I told Zeke, "Guess, what!"
Z: What?
J: We get to stay in a hotel tonight (Zeke LOVES hotels) and our hotel has a heated swimming pool inside!
Z: That is great...we get to go swimming inside our room!
J: Well, not in the room, but inside the building..that is almost as good. :)

I thought it was hilarious that he conceived we might be getting a hotel room with our own pool inside.

My second funny Zeke story came at dinner the other night. Zeke was sitting down eating his fruits and vegetables...although he is still not a big fan...he eats them without complaint (most of the time). Kaelyn decided to climb up next to her brother while he finished his meal. I was washing dishes at the sink and Zeke said, "Mom....Kaelyn IS a REALLY good girl."
J: Yes, she is...why do you say that?
Z: Because she ate my blueberries!
(so now he doesn't have to)
Those 2 certainly make quite a team....crazy children.

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