Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hooray for Sleep!

Brad slept all the way through the night...for the first time since we arrived! HOORAY! Thank you for the prayers...I know he must feel so much better after having a long night of sleep.

Today the guys and I drove from Munich to Eichstat to do a little sight-seeing within the city, have lunch, and drive to the south part of city to tour the castle. I always enjoy seeing the castles in Europe...amazing to see a structure that has withstood time for hundreds and hundreds of years.

My parents sent a couple of emails to share stories about the kids. They were pretty funny so I thought I would post them again. Man, I miss those two knuckleheads.

...Paula has been working on K's potty training. For K it is all a game. Visit the potty multiple times, but only actually do something rarely. Keep the adults guessing. That is her apparent strategy. I put her back in a diaper for her nap. Too much potty training is bad for PaPa. K and I have had several discussions about off limits areas, i.e the pantry and the bathroom drawer where the toothbrushes are kept. We have agreed to disagree more than once. She states her position strongly and with conviction. I respond in kind, trying to maintain sharp eye contact to emphasize my own strength of feeling. It gives us both a chance to practice oratory skills.Enjoy your weekend.Love, Dad

...Some things you didn't get to hear about today-As you know Zeke dressed up in "The 50's" today for school (rolled up jeans, T-shirt with the sleeves folded back, greased up hair . . . and a couple of accessories sunglasses and a comb. When I got to school I signed in and went back to his classroom. When I arrived the kids were singing their goodbye song but Zeke wasn't in the room. His sub told me he was in the restroom. I turned around and I could see him standing in front of the mirror, combing and combing and combing his hair for several minutes. He really got into that 50's mentality of keeping every greasy strand in place. K also had a big day. We continue with the potty "training" if we are going to be here during the day. As you have said she will probably just train herself. I remind her some of the time but at least 3 times today she took herself into the bathroom, pulled down her panties, put the potty seat on the toilet seat, climbed up and pottied. Each one of these times I went into the bathroom when she was on the seat and she put up her hand and told me to "go", When she was finished she called me. Who does that remind you of?Love, Mom

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HeatherJ said...

The 50s story is great! :)

And I'm glad to hear that Brad is sleeping better. I hope the trip goes well and that you have a safe trip back home.