Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Germany for Round 4

Brad & I flew out of Houston at 3:30 on Friday afternoon, headed back to Germany. We made great time this trip, only one stop in Amsterdam, total trip time from Houston takeoff to Munich landing-12 hours, 30 mins. That was a big record for us...seems to usually take us about 16 or longer with layovers.

We both rode in economy this time with seats at the tickets given to us from Carrie & Ricky Allen (thank you Carrie & Ricky!) The ride was a little difficult for Brad this time, but we were very fortunate that the plane was not even close to full. It was funny...there wasn't one seat open in first class but the economy was so empty most people had 2 or 3 seats to themselves. Brad had an entire middle section to himself...a kind stewardess had grabbed that section right up for him. He was able to change positions a lot that way which was great. I stayed at our bulk head seats, a couple of rows up. Although our armrests wouldn't raise, I still managed to rest for a couple of hours, curled up on the floor in front of my 2 seats and to my surprise, I did sleep fairly well that way. Our kids are STILL adjusting to the time change from last week....those 4 am wakings were starting to catch up with me on the flight.

The assistance this trip was unbelievable! The stewardesses were so helpful, the airport assistance treated Brad like royalty. When we reached the Munich airport we were escorted by 2 who drove the wheelchair and the other who directed the traffic ahead of Brad, moving people out of the way so that we could pass easily. It was wonderful!

We arrived in Munich Saturday morning & we immediately got our rental car and drove to Isolde's to catch some much-needed sleep. Isolde is visiting her daughter Kathrin right now, so we have the house to ourselves. Normally we be missing her fabulous German-meals, but Brad & I are fasting over the week so I think it worked out for the best.

We have recently read book that was suggested to us by a friend of Scott Shelton's, called The Cure (by Dr. Brantley). The general ideas in the book are mostly surrounding part discusses the importance of intestinal cleansing by fasting. So we fasted completely for 24 hours while we traveled. For the next 4 or 5 day we are drinking only freshly sqeezed vegetable juices 4 times a day. There is nothing like a cold, BIG glass of brocoli, asperagus, zuchini, kale, cucumber, spinach drink first thing in the morning....YUM! We even bought a special 'travel-juicer' to take with us this time. So eating will be a breeze while we are simple. :) Hey, I've never been much of a cook, but I am a FABULOUS juicer! HA!

After reading LOTS of health, diet & cancer books over the past 9 months, we kept running across the same information....discussing the importance of eating vegetables, mostly raw vegetables. Most books that we have read suggested eating 80% raw vegetables, 20% other items: fruits, fish, chicken. There has been connection made to those dietary changes leading to an alkoline shift in the body, bringing the pH to a more basic state (a state that cancer does not thrive in). SO, all that being said...we are very excited to see how this change disrupts Brad's cancer growth. We had already radically changed our diet back in February to include mostly veggies, fruits, fish and we felt that this was an easier progression to make at this point.

We are headed to Markt Berolzheim very shortly where we will check-in to the Kafferlein house (the same house we rented in September). Monday morning starts the the therapy at Thaller's clinic.

Thank you so much for prayers for safe travel and effective treatment. We love you all.


Perks said...

My dear friends...praying for our Maker, Creator and Friend to heal you. Please, Lord, work a miracle today.

Much love to each of you.

Jane H said...

I "second" the Perkins' prayer!

Love you both,

da momma said...

Disney pics are so great! I cant pick a fav...but a special one is Brad with K, close sweet! I'll 3rd the Perks prayer! My heart is with yall!

tamandscott said...

Not much of a cook, whatever! I still make your crescent lasagna, and the other day I made that cauliflour recipe you made us that once. Our best memories are dinners at your house!!

Scott's looking forward to the trip. Wish I could be there with you!!

Matt, Kara, and Hank (plus Teej) said...

I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in months. But you are always in our prayers. Complete healing, safe travel, and a quick return home.


Lisa said...

Love you guys and will continue to be in prayer for you. Looking forward to updates!

kj7 said...

We love you guys so much! In continuous prayer for you and Brad and the rest of the family.