Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day In Munich

It was a no go on the sleep again last night for Brad, but it doesn't seem to have slowed him down much today. He claims he only started to dose off a couple of times while Scott and I were shopping inside of H&M at the Marktplatz. I think he was too cold to fall asleep...the weather really cooled was quite chilly.

We got up at about 9am this morning after a very rough night for Brad. Scott amazingly was able to keep himself up yesterday after 16 hours of travel, a full day of sight-seeing with Sabine, and then hanging out with us at Isolde's that evening. He must have been awake for about 36 hours before he went to sleep last night...thus he slept through the night and seems to be adjusting to the new time zone as if he makes international trips all the time.

After breakfast we drove to downtown Munich (something we hadn't tried before..we usually ride the train). We had a little trouble with parking, but it wasn't too bad. I threw the boys out of the car a few blocks from the Glockenspiel just minutes before it was supposed to begin. They went to catch the end of the clock viewing while I went parking-spot hunting. It didn't take too long before I found a space and then had the opportunity to practice my parallel parking skills while 50 km/hr traffic ran up my back end. I would say that it was an experience. Luckily, in my James Bond car...I had no problems. We have a really fancy Mercedes rental this time, so as I drive I pretend that I am 007 :)

Our threesome spent the better part of 4 hours walking around downtown...mostly just taking in the scenes...we did a little shopping...ate lunch at a nice German restaurant off the Marianplatz....people watched....looked at a couple of fancy churches....then we came back to Isolde's.

Right now the guys are downstairs playing computer games together. I am SO thankful for Scott's entertainment....a great distraction from Brad's pain and sleeplessness!


Nellie's Nuggets said...

Continuing to pray for rest for Brad.

tamandscott said...

Playing games? Seriously? I can't believe that! Are they sitting side by side? ;)

Jenny Wims said...

Of course, they are sitting side-by-side, snuggling on the couch. They claim they are trying to stay warm, but you and I know better...they like to snuggle. Scott was so cold the first night that he threatened to crawl in between us in our bed. That crazy man! (I have pictures of S&B on the love seat together so there is proof of their togetherness.) :)