Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Treatment 5 & 6

Sleep Status: Brad slept very well last night....6 straight hours...hooray!

Monday's Treatment:
Brad has a reasonable day at the clinic. He got fever very quickly, not much shaking and he got to 38.5 C. The challenging part of yesterday was that he ran fever from about 8pm that night until 5am this morning. Even though our den was over 80 degrees F, he was freezing the entire evening. Of course, I was about ready to strip all my clothes off, but I refrained for Scott's sake.

Tuesday's Treatment:
The shaking today was just on the border of unbearable for Brad. He was able to breathe well the entire time, but the shaking was so intense that he struggled to get through it...it lasted the entire 30 minutes....we were very relieved once that session was over. Brad's fever spiked up to 40.5 C very quickly and went down fairly quick also. Thaller said, "this is the sign of a healthy immune system." I like the sound of that.

Dr. Thaller has been injecting Brad's leg with Coley's toxins and Gaypon (a new cancer fighting drug from Russia). The injections make his leg very sore, but we are prayerful that they help reduce the tumor size. Brad is also being put on the hyperthermia table for his leg for an hour. This is very uncomfortable for him, so he tolerates it for as long as he can.

Right now the guys are sitting in the den, hanging out...playing their PSPs. We just got back from dinner about an hour ago. We stayed in Markt Berolzheim this evening, dining at the local Gasthaus restaurant. The food was terrific...as usual. Scott even had the chance to try some German Eis (ice cream).


Lisa Hanna said...

Well, I'm always glad to hear that the fever therapy was "good", although I know I means it was bad for Brad. We miss you guys and can't wait to see you! Am CONSTANTLY praying for God's healing miracles to take place.

Brenda said...

What a great comment from Dr. Thaller!

Thinking about you guys...