Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh How I Love Pictures!

I realized tonight that because we have internet at the house we are renting, I can use Brad's laptop to download a few pictures that I have taken so far. I never feel that a blog is complete without a few visuals, so here are some shots from the last several days.

Our juicer that we purchased for the trip has certainly had it's share of use so far. There is nothing like a big glass of green to keep the engines running...YUM! I just had to take a picture so that you can see how delicious the juice looks...we can hardly keep Scott out of our juice :)


Rebecca said...

Oh I'm sure you have everyone in Germany jealous of your juice.

Joelle Yates said...

I love V8, but not so sure about your green stuff! Can you put tomatoes and jalapenos in it?! Gotta make it fully Texan. :)