Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Day In Nurnburg

Brad had a so-so night of sleep...he grabbed at least a 4-5 hours of rest.

This morning we decided to make a road trip to Nurnburg. Forgetting that today was Sunday and pretty much EVERYTHING is closed, we arrived to find the stores and shops dark. We were surprised though to see so many people out and about even though you could only window-shop. We had lunch (as an excuse to warm up for a while) and then spent most of our time just walking up and down the streets. I really enjoy walking around Nurnburg because a large part of downtown is entirely blocked from vehicle traffic which makes it a very easy city to tour by foot.

The weather is not so terrific today...very cold and very dreary. Misty rain all day. Hopefully we will have better weather as the week progresses.

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