Monday, November 10, 2008

Treatment: Day 1

Today's treatment was quite successful. Brad managed to get fever without experiencing extreme shaking. Dr. Thaller spent some time this morning looking over Brad's leg, recognizing the tumor growth that has taken place since we were last here. Thaller decided to inject Brad's leg tumors directly with some of the special medications that he is also using for his lung tumor therapy. Prayerfully, that will assist in stopping the growth.

The clinic is somewhat quiet today...only a few patients upstairs with us. One patient, Alexander has been here 2 times before..the others are new faces.

The weather is perfect here right now. Mid-50's in the day, really clear and beautiful. The daylight-darkness will take some getting used to for me. It is 3:30 and the sun is already beginning to set. By 5pm it is completely strange. I can't imagine it getting darker even longer as winter approaches.

We saw some Christmas decorations as we were driving through some of the towns as we were coming into Markt Berolzheim....of course, we enjoyed seeing those. On Thursday Scott Shelton, a long-time friend of Brad's (former Southeast member) will be flying in to meet us. We are very excited to have his company for this trip. Scott is such a great friend to Brad...I know that Brad will really enjoyed spending time with him. This weekend we are considering taking Scott to the Christmas market in Nurnberg....should be fun.


Angie Campbell said...

I am so glad that Scott will be able to visit you guys there. We are praying for another great day like today. We love you guys!
And, Jenny, Thank you so much for the Tribute! I LOVE IT!

david said...

Brad & Jenny, Just wanted you to know that we continue to pray for you all on a daily basis, for God to strengthen you, to heal and help you, and mostly for all those around you to see Christ living in you.

david & kim