Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Treatment 7

Today's treatment was really very uneventful....not even a hint of fever the entire day. That usually means that Brad will have a fever this evening, but so far, no sign of anything. Sometimes the fevers can be so hit or is hard to predict. Yesterday took such a toll on Brad's energy, I know that he was relieved to not end up with fever it was probably for the best. He only slept a couple of hours the night before so he was quite tired today.

We left the clinic at about 1:30 and headed to Gunzenhausen to take Scott to our favorite Italian restaurant there. Although we have always found this restarant to keep very long hours, today they were closed...I believe they are on a new schedule for the fall-winter season. We then decided to drive on to Truchtlingen because it is more of a tourist-town and it seems to have more restaurants that keep afternoon hours. We found an open Italian place and decided to eat was quite good.

1 more treatment day at the clinic tomorrow...then we will head back to Munich on Friday.....leaving on Saturday morning to head home.

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