Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zeke's Ear

On Monday, Zeke came to me complaining about ear pain. Because the child has only had a few ear infections in his lifetime and had never complained of pain when he had them, I was definately concerned. I took him to the clinic in Baytown, we waited for 2 and a half hours. By the time the doctor came into the room, Zeke was howling in pain. I felt really sorry for him. The doctor took one look in his ear and said he had both an inner and outer ear infection. He gave us an oral antiobiotic and an ear drop antibiotic, then sent us home. Just before we left, the doctor told Zeke he couldn't swim for TWO WEEKS! That really hit home for Zeke...everyone knows how much time we spend in the pool.

On a funnier note, Zeke woke up on Tuesday morning and came into my bedroom. He said, "Momma, I have good news and bad news." I said, "ok, what is that." He said, "The good news is my ear is kinda feelin' better but the bad news is I can't hear anything." I laughed a lot at that...the delivery was just so funny.

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