Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Leave Tonight

We are taking off from the airport tonight at 6:40pm. Bryan is on a seperate flight that leaves about 15 minutes ahead of ours. Bryan is flying through London, Brad and I through Paris. So, Bryan should be in Munich when we land...I'm just praying that with our different connections...we still end up getting there on the same day!

Nonnie & Gwanddad are left in charge of the two munchkins, so they will need your prayers too...prayers that Kaelyn doesn't destroy their house in Granbury when they get there and prayers that they are able to keep up with Zeke's high lever of energy!

Several of you have asked for the mailing address Markt Berolzheim and other information so I will go ahead and post it again.

Address for mail:
Brad Wims
c/o Arno Thaller
Benzing 6
91801 Markt Berolzheim

Phone to the clinic:
011 49 9146 311
(we will be there M-F from 7:45am til about 3pm which is 12:45am til 8am Texas time)

Fax to the clinic:
(in case you would rather fax a note to Brad)
011 49 9146 224

It may be several days until I am able to get to a computer again, so we will let everyone know how the trip went as soon as we can. Thank you for your prayers. We love you all.


amber dayton said...

Praying for a great trip! I love Kaelyn's sweet video - and her little treasure from the bathroom was HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

Our entire church prayed for you this morning. Godspeed on the trip--we pray it a safe successful one! Love you guys!