Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday's Treatment

We have been working out the details for Bryan's departure today. Tuesday (tomorrow) he heads by train from Truchtlingen to Munich to meet up with Isolde who will help him get to the airport at 7am Wednesday (so early!) Isolde lives only 15 mins from the airport so at least he won't have to travel far when he gets up at 4...yikes!

We are also planning to send Brad's medications and med supplies home with Bryan (one less piece of luggage for us to carry) so Nurse Christine and I are discussing how many weeks we will be home and when we will most likely return. Juggling Dr. Thaller's and our familiy's schedules can sometimes be interesting....this man really likes to vacation!

Today has been pretty uneventful here from Brad's treatment perspective. Dr. Thaller gave Brad several smaller dosed injections, which proved to not raise his temperature more than a degree. No fever. No shaking. Brad actually slept most of the morning which is highly unusual for him. While it was good that he didn't have overwhelming symptoms, we are praying for more of a fever reaction tomorrow.

It is 2:30pm here now and the guys have been complaining of growling stomachs. I think we will leave in the next half hour to head to Gunzenhausen to hit our favorite Italian hot spot...a restuarant that serves great pizza and calzones for only 5 can't beat that!


Vickie and Debra Sims said...

Jenny I am so happy that things are going well for Brad and that there are some good times in this as well. We are still in Mumbai India and have another surgery in the morning for Debra on her eyes. We will leave here on the 22nd of August. Still sending lots of love and prayers your way from here. I got to tell you I love the music on your blog girl that rocks!

da momma said...

no growth is amazing! Praise God! happy yall are coming home! Think of yall all the time!!

Anonymous said...

I love the new family pictures...