Friday, August 8, 2008

Praise God!

Wow. There is so much to be thankful for's difficult to know where to start. So, I'll just list off all the reasons one-by-one for why I feel blessed today.

1. Bryan. I am SO thankful for our cousin Bryan who chose to come keep Brad entertained during his treatments. I am still not certain as to who this was more of a gift for...Brad because he has a buddy here to 'hang' with or for me so that I do not constantly try to think of new ways to entertain/distract Brad from the miserable treatments. I DEFINATELY know who is better at providing the entertainment and that would be Bryan! This afternoon the boys were entertaining themselves by making 'lists' in the spiral bound notebook that Bryan seems to have with him at all times (filled with mostly sports stats, I think). Two example topics of the 'lists' they were making today are: Top Worst Defensive Teams in the NFL & Top 10 Video Games of All-Time. I keep wondering what they will come up with next to discuss.

2. Great sleep. Brad & I both had a wonderful night of rest and we feel so refreshed. When I woke up, I immediately asked Brad how he was feeling and he said he felt good. I know that our restedness has a direct effect on our mental state which has been so much better the last couple of days.

3. Brad's cough. While still apparent from time to time...has been SO much better the last several days! Lesser cough = a much happier, much more relaxed Jenny

4. The weather. It continues to be cool, crisp, and breezy here. I want to do nothing more than be outside enjoying it ALL the time. It is wonderful!!!

5. High fever with little side effects. Brad's fever rose to 39 Celcius (102 point something) today but did not experience any breathing difficulty or extreme shaking. That was the best thing that could have happened. We had been concerned because Brad has not ran a high fever since Tuesday, but at the same time we were wary of pushing his limits and experiencing another episode like Tuesday. We had the best of both worlds...high extreme effects.

6. Amazing CT Report! The last and most important (I saved the best for the end!) Dr. Thaller came in first thing this morning to let Brad know that the radiologist had called to let him know the comparison of the CT in June with the CT that we did just before coming here (end of July). The comparison shows that the tumors have not grown since June's scan! We could not be more thrilled to hear this news. More importantly, Thaller explained that during immunotherapy, inflamation cells fill the tumor cells and he said that the inflamation cells can be the cause of up to two-thirds the size of the tumor. Meaning that two-thirds of what we see could be mostly inflamed cells and not tumor itself. Therefore, the tumor should be even smaller than it appears on the scan.

Just seconds after the news was shared with us a huge clap of thunder struck outside along with a flash of lightning. The weather changed in an instant. Much like our outlook on Brad's health changed in that same instant.

Dear Father,

We are on our knees thanking you and praising you for the wonderful works you perform in our lives. It was just a few nights ago that Brad & I were pleading with you, feeling desperate for you to send us some kind of sign that you were hearing our prayers. Painful thoughts of what we perceived we might be facing kept coming to the forefront of our minds. We were at such a low point, not knowing what to think or do or say to each other.

Thank you for laying your hands on Brad. Thank you for stopping the growth of tumors. Thank you for working a miracle on my sweet husband. We have so much that we want to do together. His presence and friendship in my life brings me so much joy. Thank you for intervening & coming to our rescue (in more ways than one). We continue to be in awe of you wonderous grace and power.

We love you Lord.


Anonymous said...

Our God is an AWESOME God...and He's holding you all in His hands!!! All glory to Jehovah Rapha! Peace, joy, and love--Shebree

Nick said...

Dear Jenny,

I am so happy for y'all's news -- that is really fantastic! And how humbling and amazing to have the thunderclap come as a confirmation...definitely a sign of Love at work!! Keep up the wonderful effort there, y'all are doing great!


Trish and Dave Osborn said...

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderous!!!

david said...

Praise God for He is everything to all of us. "and He will meet your need according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." We continue to follow the blog and pray for you!


Go Texans! Astros, Rockets, and Sooners! lol

Anonymous said...

You continue to be in our prayers every day. The news is wonderful and our prayers will continue. May you continue to have an awesome trip. Nancy Williams - Charlotte.

Lisa said...

A day full of praise! You and Brad are such an example of faithfulness and reliance. There are people rejoicing all over the world right now!!!

Tanya said...

Jenny and Brad,
Praise God! This is wonderful news! I am truly grateful and praising Him for His goodness!

Calling Out 100 said...

I am in awe of our awesome God. I am covered with goose bumps... and filled with so much joy! Praise God!!! We love you so very much. We will keep praying for you. This trip turned out better than you expected! :) xoxoxo love you!!! Kara

Nellie's Nuggets said...

Praise and glory to God and to his might power. And thanksgiving for doctors like Dr. Thaller and his associates.

I, too, am sitting here with goosebumps on my body and joy beyond measure in my heart.

May God continue to hear our prayers and send down healing!

Mary Anna said...

That is FANTASTIC news! We'll keep you all in our prayers - it's a mighty powerful tool!

SueB said...

So Happy to hear your wonderful news.
Glad Brad is able to get some sleep and is doing better with treatments.
Keeping you in our prayers and thanking God for keeping his hands on you.

amber dayton said...

Praising our God for such great news! So glad that you guys got to hear that when you needed it most.
The pics of Zeke in the last post were so cute - Anna is still missing her playmate - after having more crazy playdates since we've been home I'm even more amazed at how great they played together. That Zeke is just one awesome kid! (Kaelyn too :))

Amy said...

What amazing news!!! We'll continue praying for ya'll!
Amy Barry

Joelle said...

PRAISE GOD!!! I am sooo thrilled for you guys! And I'm glad you are getting sleep. Sleep makes everything better. :) Have a terrific trip this weekend. I'll be praying for continued good treatments next week! (((HUGS))) Joelle

The Raygors in Austin said...

Hey Brad & Jenny,
Excellent news, and I look forward to hearing more of the same.
I've been keeping tabs on your journey this summer and I want you guys to know that you've been in our thoughts, lots.

Jenny, you are a rock. Thanks for taking care of my buddy.

Brad, I love you brother, and I'm gonna try my best to make the golf tourney.
I'd like to send you an email, so if you get a chance, send your addy to and I'll type some words and hit send.

Take care bud, and get some rest.
(Cody, Ethan, and that short guy's roomie at A&M)

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

This is great news... Praise God...

Ryon and Rachel said...

That is amazing news, Wims family!!! God is mighty to save!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Matt, Kara, and Hank (plus Teej) said...

that is wonderful news!!!

Perks said...

With tears in my eyes, I'm sending thankfulness to God.

Praying for complete healing.

I love you all!

Angie Campbell said...

Wow! I am sooo relieved to read this! We were out of town and just returned today from our vacation, so I was away from the internet and e-mail and cell phones, and anxious to read how Brad was handling this round of treatments. Darrell and I have been praying for you all every day, and we are soooooo thankful 1)about the CT scan report and 2)that you are getting a little better rest!

Here is a side note, the word verification under this leave your comment section is "xwims" and I am not joking at all! I even brought Darrell into see this, and I am shaking as I write this! That has to mean that Christ is holding Wims! He shows us signs all the time, and we know that He showed you a sign with the weather too! He is working, and He is hearing our prayers! We love you guys!

Angie said...

AMEN! What a beautiful prayer! We will continue to pray for you and know your needs are being lifted up every week at Alliance United Methodist in Keller, Texas.
-Angie Lemons(Tammie's friend)

kj7 said...

As I read the news, I couldn't quit singing "Our God is an Awesome God!" I know HE hears our prayers...God Bless You!!


tamandscott said...

Yea, God! We are on vacation right now but brought our computer so we could keep track of Brad's progress. Thank you for this blog, and we are extremely thankful for such uplifting news! We love you both!!