Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Wonderful Weekend

Friday night brought a very high fever for Brad (a little over 104), so we decided against going all the way to Italy for the weekend. After much debate on other alternatives, the boys and I finally decided to drive to Nurnburg to sight-see.

The weather continued to be gorgeous so we spent the better part of 5 hours walking around downtown. This beautiful city provided a perfect place to take Brad because the large part of downtown is blocked off from car traffic and we could travel for about a mile without having to cross traffic (or navigate the wheelchair on and off sidewalks). The cobblestone pathways were a little bumpy but we managed well. I should really say that Bryan and Brad managed well....I only pushed the chair for about 5 minutes. :) Yeah Bryan!

At one point in the afternoon we decided to go to the North side of town to get a better look at the castle. After about 20 minutes of Bryan pushing Brad up an incline that must have stood at about 50 degrees, we thought better of that idea and sent Bryan up the slope to see the castle. We decided that even if Bryan & I got Brad up the slope, we didn't like the prospect of what the downward descent would look like. One missed step and we would likely send Brad careening down the street at about 50 miles and hour....that is until he hit a larger cobblestone that would probably lift him up out of the chair and send him into flight down the slope, face first.

We spent most of the day just walking around the streets, watching the people, looking in the shop windows, and commenting on all the market delicacies. Unsuspectedly, we came to Nurnburg during a celebration weekend so the streets were filled with all sorts of interesting characters, much resembling the kind of folk you would see at the Renissance Festival in Houston. There were dancers, singers, parades, small street shows and LOTS of vendors selling everything you can, fruit, vegetables, bratwurst, eggs, clothing, knick-knacks, bakery items, cookies, etc. It was really a lot of fun.

Today we have flirted with the idea of going to Eichstat for the afternoon but we may just stay around Markt Berolzheim and relax...we'll see.

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