Wednesday, August 13, 2008

As suspected, Brad did get a fever very late yesterday evening. He ran fever through most of the night, needless to say...he didn't sleep very well. When we got to the clinic this morning, we both fell back asleep almost immediately...Brad in his bed and me in the bed right next to him.

Arriving extra early this morning (7:20am), we thought we would be able to leave early this afternoon. However, events didn't pan out like we had hoped...Brad had difficulty getting a fever again today. I know that the staff are working very carefully with him...trying their best to avoid any more breathing episodes like last week. Because of that, I know they are trying to ease him into the fever. I believe that is the main reason he is sometimes having trouble getting the fever there in the clinic. By this afternoon...after 3 injections, he told Micha that he was done for the day...we would try again tomorrow.

After the clinic Brad & I decided to go into Truchtlingen to the Wellness Center for some time in the Thermalbed (a heated pool with massage air jets). That was really nice. The center also featured a wave pool, water slides, a large outdoor pool and sauna. We kept thinking how much we would love to have Zeke with was definately his kind of place.

We came into Weissenburg for dinner and to visit the internet cafe here. We have been so blessed this trip to have lots of access to Dr. Thaller's computer, so this is actually our first visit to the internet cafe. I haven't missed the smoke.

Next on the agenda is to go back to the Pappenfuss house and start to pack up. Tomorrow night is our last night in Markt Berolzheim and we plan to pack up the car so we can head out to Munich as soon as we are done in the clinic on Friday. So, we'll have to spend a little time getting organized. I must say that packing for the 2 of us looks a lot different than the big group we had last time.

Hopefully I will get the opportunity to post 2 more times...tomorrow afternoon & Friday morning...after that, we will begin our journey home (hooray!) and I don't think I will have access again until I hit Houston on Monday afternoon. We love you all & miss you lots!

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Nellie's Nuggets said...

It will be good to know you two are safely back at home, but we are certainly thankful for the resources at the clinic. Although we wish you didn't have to travel so far, we know that God has a plan for each and every step of this journey you are on. We are always looking for his hand in the midst of it all.

Look forward to reading your last posts and then hearing that you are safely home!