Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kae's Appointment

Ok, so I am going to win "The Bad Mother of the Year Award." Kaelyn is almost 19 months old and I just took her in for her well visit at the doctor. She hasn't been in to see Dr. Schaffer since she was 12 months, which means she missed both the 15 month check up and the 18 month check up. Oh, well..I guess she survived without them. The sad part is I didn't even all. The kids started school this week and I called the doctor's office about filling out a release form for Kaelyn and the nurse told me, "well, we'll sign it but she hasn't been in for all her shots so the school may not let her start." Oh yeah...a well visit...I remember those! Hmmmmmm...can we say I have been distracted!

So, we went in today...on a Saturday....we were there a very long time. We came out with 5 shots, a sugar-free sucker, and a note that said she is 33 inches tall and 21 pounds (the same weight her brother was a 6 months mind you.) Yeah! We finally made it to 21 now we know she is tall, but super-skinny.

This is a picture of K and the Doctor Bear we found in Schaffer's office. She really liked him so we had a rather lengthy discussion with Mr. Bear while we waited in the office. As long as we were there, I would say that we have a strong relationship now.

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Lisa Hanna said...

hoo.I think Kaelyn is on Callie's former growth curve--I think Callie weighed the same around 18 months--next to nothing!!