Monday, August 11, 2008

More News From Kerrville

More news from Gena (with pictures...hooray!):
Well, Regan got a corn snake for his birthday from his brother. Your son LOVES it. Actually, your daughter has been quite entertained by it as well. Don't worry--very little and incapable of biting even if it wanted to. Yes, I have officially become brainwashed as a boy Mom since I made all sorts of declarations about never having a snake in the house. It's actually kind of cute and feels like a lizard when you hold it.

Second, we
have turned Kaelyn into a biker girl. She loves the motorcycle. Isn't the pic of Ryan and K precious? He loves to hold her, but these days about the only time she will sit still is when she's asleep!!

Finally, we went to the
arcade and played laser tag. At first, Zeke was a little scared because of the loud music, but once I got them to turn the music off, he got the hang of it. By the end, he was saying "I want to do it again. I want to do it again" He was also very good at the arcade games. He earned 216 tickets, but it took forever for him to decide what "goodies" to choose!

After the arcade, I stopped at the park to let the kids catch minnows. The three boys "accidentally" tripped and "fell in" getting their clothes all wet. I thought they looked so cute as they tried to hunt for fish, minnows, frogs, crawdads--basically anything that moved!! Love you guys! Gena

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Anonymous said...

So funny--my boys would never hold a snake, get dirty in a river, or hunt for "anything that moves". Hmmm, I wonder if they get that from their own male role model???
Scott S.