Friday, August 22, 2008

I LOVE Potty-Training!

I don't know about the other parents in the world...but my favorite part of being a mommy is the potty training part! I just love it! There is no greater joy! Ok, just kidding. I thought if I kept telling myself this....then I would start to believe it...and don't even begin to get me started on the joys of potty training in public. What a mess.

Over the past six weeks or so Kaelyn has been showing all the signs of being ready to be trained. After she pees in her diaper, she frequently proclaims, rather loudly, "Pee pee!" and then proceeds to take her diaper off. I almost always have to leave her with pants on over her diaper or every time I turn around she has stripped the diaper and is flashing her goods.

I usually wouldn't even consider training a child at 18 months, but she really seemed to be ready. So, yesterday I decided to buy her training panties and training covers and thought whenever I got brave enough...I would give it our first attempt.

So, this afternoon we tried it out. I put her on the potty first, nothing. She was in the first pair of panties 4 minutes before she said "pee pee" and yes, she was right....she had. So, we went into the bathroom...I put her on the potty, she looked at me with a big grin (like, look...I think I'm really getting this!), then she reached for the toilet paper, promptly pulled off one square, wiped her outer thigh with it and dropped it in the bowl. She said, "-inished!" then jumped off the seat and went to flush it. See...pretty impressive right....she really has this process figured out. Yeah...just missing one really critical step.

The second pair of panties was sacrificed to a very messy BM 10 minutes later. (I love potty training, I love potty training, I love it.) After a bath, a change of clothes and new pair of panties...we are off to try again. So far we are only 15 minutes into this process and I am already completely exhausted.

I sat down about 20 minutes later to talk with Uncle Matt on the phone and I turned around. Kaelyn had taken off her panties and she was sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor splashing her hand in a puddle. Yes, it is what you think.

So, this was the end of our first attempt at potty training. As if I needed one more thing to add to my plate this week...I don't know what I was thinking. We will try this again later...definately later...much later....maybe when she is five!


J Katy Garner said...

I love your mantra... I think I will be chanting that when we work on training Zoe one day.
I will say I didn't even attempt it until Shelby Kate was 2 and a some months and then we spent about a week and she was good to go. Just a few accidents.
So glad you guys are back and the good news about Brad! He is still daily in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...I needed that laugh! I'm so sorry it had to be at your expense!

debralynne said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one frustrated by this process. I will try your mantra and see if it helps me. I keep telling myself mine won't be going to kindergarten in pull-ups (but I'm not quite convinced)!!!!

Angie Campbell said...

You are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...too funny Jenny. Guess I have that to look forward to before long. So great to see you guys tonight. Keeping yall in our prayers!

Katy McLain

amber dayton said...

I think the jet lag may have really gotten to you more than you think! :) I think most little girls go through the "I don't want to be wet" phase pretty early. What I've learned after two girls - IGNORE IT! Anna did that for months before we potty trained her just before she turned two - and it was still too early. Poor Mae has been complaining about being wet & stripping for a long time. Every time she says "I'm a big girl, I wear panties & go in the potty" we say not yet! We are waiting until 2 1/2 this time and hope that makes it easier. It made for a great blog story though... so not a total waste. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

We're in the same boat right now. The other day, Will told me he wanted to use the potty. So I put him on there and we sit for about 10 minutes waiting for something to happen. He wants to flush and I won't let him unless he makes a deposit in the potty, so he get mad and goes into his room - where he promptly peed on the carpet!

Holly Conrad